Deck & Fence Staining & Restoration

Pressure Washing
Deck & Fence Cleaning & Restoration

Restore the natural beauty of your wood or composite fences and decks with professional pressure washing services from Moore Home Services. Pressure washing is a great way to safely remove years of staining, grit, and grime as well as prepare wood surfaces for staining, and other projects. We offer many service options to match your budget and cleaning needs.

So, if you need to get your wood or composite decking ready for a home improvement project, or just want to restore some of the original beauty, contact Moore Home Services for more information and to get us on the job quick.

COMPOSITE DECKING comes in many different brands and material. We take pride in properly cleaning all types of composite decking. We apply a pretreatment to take care of all organic growth, safely eliminating it. Once treated, the algae can be safely removed with a light pressure wash and rinsed clean. Pressure washing alone can easily damage composite decking, and cause costly repairs.

VINYL FENCING OR LATTICE can be cleaned up using our soft wash pre treatment, followed with a light pressure wash to remove the algae. This ensures a safe and effective clean to last as long as possible before your next service.

We have a $1000 minimum charge for deck & fence restoration.

Deck Fence Staining Restoration

Wood Deck / Fence Cleaning / Restoration + Staining

We offer multiple cleaning options for your wooden deck or fencing. Certified by Stain & Seal Experts, you can rely on us to restore your property. We begin by soaking the wood with water, applying our pretreatment, pressure washing, and finishing with a soap neutralizer/brightener. Wood PH levels are important. Soaking the wood first allows our soaps to work on the surface and not soak in, and our post treat ensures the PH level is restored after a soap/stripping agent is applied.

We recommend sanding on ALL decks after a cleaning. Chemicals do cause some fuzziness on the surface, but water only will NOT clean the wood and prep for stain. We use four different types of soap to clean wood depending on the age, condition, and if it is stained currently.

We DO NOT strip any water base stain or paint on decks/fences. We can strip oil base stains to prep for stain. This will require a thorough sanding prior to staining.

We will ONLY apply a penetrating Oil base stain. This allows the stain to soak into the wood and does not create a film on the surface. The importance of this is that over time stain will fail within 2-3 years. Penetrating oil base allows an easy light cleaning and maintenance coat to be applied. Paint, water base, film forming stains require much more work every time, and WILL fail and chip.

We proudly stand behind our work and guarantee satisfaction with every job we complete.

We are your trusted local professionals with multiple years of experience, commercial-grade equipment, and customer service you’ll be satisfied with.